About Polistas - Let others play at little things, for we shall play the game of kings!. Inscribed on a stone tablet next to a polo ground in Gilgit, Pakistan

The sport of polo is fascinating. It is steeped in history and has been played by royal families and celebrities since the sport began over 2500 years ago. Polo was at first a cavalry training game, for elite troops. As Alexander the Great and other military leaders moved across Asia, they introduced the game to lands they visited and conquered. Horsemen of all cultures saw the game as an important way to improve their military skills, and the sport spread. The modern game of polo was formularised and popularised by the British in the 19thcentury. Historic players of note include: Sir Winston Churchill, Alexander The Great, Genghis Khan, Walt Disney, Errol Flynn and General Patten - to name but a few. Today the sport of polo is experiencing a revival and is popular among young royals, celebrities and socialites from around the world and is played as a recognised sport in almost 100 countries. This is the Polistas world – and it's growing fast! Be a part of it...

Authentic logo with a story
The three-polo-player logo was created from an actual photo of three friends playing in a hard fought polo battle. The founder, Johnny Lynn, is the player on the right wearing the number 4 shirt. The effort and determination is etched onto each face and contorted in the body movements of each player and pony. The logo encapsulates the spirit of comradeship and team play that makes polo such a great sport.  

The brand's history
Polistas is the heritage lifestyle brand born out of the sport of polo. In 2001 Polistas was created to outfit polo teams with high quality clothing for playing in and for après polo. Today, Polistas is more than a polo team outfitter. The range of polo lifestyle clothing is classic, stylish and rugged - like the sport that inspires it - for everyday use from dress down casual to smart casual and even formal, so you can live and breath the style of the "Game of Kings" whatever the occasion. Polistas clothing was originally “made for polo players by polo players”- today, Polistas caters for a vast audience of international minded fashionistas who want to acquire a piece of the jet-set polo lifestyle...

The following
Polistas is a leading brand on the polo circuit and has been selected as the Official Supplier to several major tournaments, polo teams and polo clubs. Polistas is worn by the best polo professionals from around the world as well as by amateur polo players, including members of the Royal Family, and polo watchers. Polistas is popular on and off the field, during and après polo. Be original, be authentic, be Polistas.  

The Founder, Johnny Lynn
Inspired by the extreme nature of the sport of polo, the laidback Argentine culture and the globe trotting excitement and celebrity of the polo world, Johnny Lynn set out to create a brand that encompasses all the modern and classic aspects of the international polo lifestyle.

Johnny recognised that the polo lifestyle is unique and set out to create an authentic brand that lives and breathes the sport and its social scene. No other brand encapsulates the full range of the polo lifestyle. From experience, Johnny knew that a polo lifestyle could include any number of social situations from a rest day at the beach, to match day competition, to après polo parties and formal gala awards balls. With his eye for fashion and detail, Johnny set out to develop a complete wardrobe for the jet-setting polo player…a wardrobe of classic pieces that set you apart from the crowd and help you look your best.

Today, Johnny only wears Polistas...obviously!